Here you find our artists/dj's bookingpage. We are pleased to provide you with the best artists/dj's we have to garantuee your party a blasting live- or dj-set. All of the artists are well experienced and have been playing music all over the planet.
For booking requests use the bookingform, check our Calendar to see if your desired live act/dj is avaiable.
Please supply as much information about your planned event as possible.
Live acts DJ's
Attoya [Il]
Claw [Cy]
Dark Elf [Gr]
Jun [Jp] DJ
DarkPsy [Pt]
Kulu [Gr] DJ
Detonatik [In]
Mind Distortion System [B] DJ
Derango [Sw]
Mouka [NL] DJ
Baba Jelly/Jellyheadz [F]
Mubali [USA] DJ
Electrypnose [Sw]
Nagmanda [Ger] DJ
Karash [Fr]
Paul B [NL] DJ
Kemic-al [Malta]
Projekt25 [Ger] DJ
Megalopsy [Arg]
Senzar [Dk] DJ
Mind Distortion System [B]
Xama Cirkus [Pt] DJ
Mubali [USA]
Oil [Sw]  
Olien [Ger]
Procs [Se]
Psyfactor [Ru]
Savage Scream [Jp]
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